Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Would you ever know ?

Why you lie to me, when you know I know you more than you do

Why you become upset, when you know I can bring that smile back

Why you want to be alone, when you know I won’t let you enjoy loneliness

Why you start ignoring me, when you know you can’t hide your tears from me


Just why?

Would you ever know, that your every lie gives me a fresh wound

Would you ever know, that your sadness made my world to stop

Would you ever know, that your loneliness leaves me deserted

Would you ever know, that your tears crash my whole world

Would you ever know?

P.S: One of the beautiful part of life is when you have a person who cares for you no matter who you are.........


bharat chandran said...

We all are searching for the 'whys'... and may be there will be a day when we have the answers to all the 'whys'?.. Great poem..

The Aspirant said...

i hope that day come soon.....in my life


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