Friday, January 15, 2010

It's already been 15 days since the last year ,2009 has bidden goodbye to us and 2010 has made entry in our lives, but my exams were at special times, thus i am away. Although I am thankful to my exams as first 12 days of my year has gone in studying. So not at all a bad starting for 2010, with books in my hand and loneliness in my mind...........
Here's something in memory of 2009, writing anything after about 2 months, don't know how will it be....?

The year has finally bid goodbye
But deep in my heart it will always stand by
Neither for happiness it has showered
Nor for the sadness it has poured
But for the sake of humanity being again awaken
And the lonely man i have again become

My world has turned upside-down
Amidst which i am standing just like a clown
Watching all the proceedings goin on
My little sand house blowing on
I can not bear this anymore
My sea of frustration has risen above the shore

Alterations have started coming in me
Making me the guy that world wants me to be
I have lost my own self identity
And turned into an indistinguishable entity
In this way loneliness haunts me
Snatching humanity that i carry with me

Each and every moment i mourn for my loss
And all this let evil forces become my boss
But year end was not at all the same
Something has again brighten my inner flame
The flame that remembered me myself
I felt like being rescued by a magical elf

My shattered confidence has came back
Making me strong
Making me indestructible
Giving me back the original me
I still mourn for my loss sometimes
But that pain doesn't make me weak anymore

P.S : Happy New Year 2010 to everyone.........


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