Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caught Behind The Mirror


What an amazing creation?

It depicts our reflection in itself

Which shows us our true-selves

No matter what others are blabbering about you

Criticising you or appreciating you

Truth can always be seen in the mirror

In other words

It shows us our souls

From which we can't hide anything

But what when we are caught on the other side of it

From where we can't see any reflection

Coz we ourselves are the reflection now

We can't feel anything now

Noone's warmth

Noone's love

Just nothing

Can just see everyone passing by

It feels as if our soul has been snatched

It feels like getting trapped

Only our impression is on the mirror

Which is invisible to the outside world.......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Drug Named "LOVE"

I am fighting with this poison from many years
The poison thats destroying our youth
Which is making them a slave of itself
But i am encapsuled in its arms today
As nothing else might suffice for me now
Nothing else gives me strength to shoulder this grief
The grief of killing my own love
My love that's most precious for me
For me, a loner who is devoid of love
But i have no choice
Coz she's the one who is behind all this
Behind all the drug trafficking going on
And i can't let her carry on
Carry on this dirty business
And playing with life of innocent people
I did nothing wrong, but her last words
Words that she said while dying in my arms
"I am more addicted to your...........LOVE "
Words that echo in my head all day long
Coz i am a killer of myself

This poison business is totally eradicated now
But some of this poison is still with me
Getting accumulated in my blood
I might have won the battle against drugs
But i myself lost against the drug named "LOVE"

P.S: Feelings of an officer who eradicated drug trafficking but himself get encaptured in this poison..........


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