Monday, February 9, 2009

The Dark Forest

Hi friends

Actually today, I have realized what pranks life can play with us and that how much you can get from life when you are on edge of losing yourself. I have realized now that how much happiness you feel when you think that you have lost something and suddenly you came to know that it was your illusion actually, you are gaining something. So I am writing something on that only.

What happen sometimes in life that things don’t go in a way that we have expected. The two roads might be going towards the same goal but may be through different paths. But we sometimes unknowingly enter the path less traveled by, leaving behind the main path leading towards our goal. When such things happen, we started feeling that life is taking us away from our goal and that we are getting lost. We try to turn around but the path has got lost till that time and a fear starts developing in us. The darkness on that path and the loneliness there makes our that fear more profound, and sooner we started believing that now we have lost the path and nothing can’t be done now, we will never reach to our final goal now. At that time the person gets confused in just everything and only negative thoughts seem to overcome his mind. He started thinking what worst can happen now and even sometimes prepare itself for it .He was at the verge of loosing all hope , all aspirations and just everything as that dark forest is getting deeper, thicker and darker but suddenly something shines through his eyes. He tried to keep that glare away from him by keeping his hand in front of eyes but he is not able to stop it and as he looks it completely, it was a ray of hope .It was the bright sunlight that’s guiding him forward now. The dark forests have ended and he now started seeing the road that got missed by him, before entering the forests. So he start moving towards his goal , on his way forward he face many troubles but all of them are nothing in front of that dark forest so he calmly cross all of them as he has the confidence of overcoming the dark forest . So when he finally reach his goal , he realizes that if he might have not entered that dark forest then may be these troubles will not become so easy to overcome for him. Thus although that dark forest scares you to death but trespassing that forest is really an important part of your journey as without that your journey will always remain incomplete.
So never fear of that dark side through which life is taking you just face it as boldly as you can, because

“Darkness is nothing but the absence of light and just one single ray of light will destroy it”

Not Happy With What I Am

Whenever I think about myself,
It’s like reading a book kept on top shelf.
Which seem can be read anytime we want,
But when time came its out of reach like a coconut plant.

I used to think that I am a fool,
Not like others who r considered cool.
Those who frequently change girl friends,
Like it is the latest fashion trend.
Neither like those who say abuses about every gal passing by,
And next day you will find them with one of those gals stand by.
So I always want to change myself,
As I am not happy with What I Am.

I am neither like the toppers of college,
Who just crams a lot of books without any knowledge.
Nor I am like those who bunks classes every den and now,
And when exams come they just ask what to do now?
I am not one of those who abuses just every teacher,
Nor like dose who walks behind them like they are a gr8 preacher.
So in teachers’ eyes I always remain an average student,
And my internal marks reflected it at every instant.
So I always want to change myself,
As I am not happy with What I Am.

I always try to become a true friend,
But it seems like now it’s an old trend.
May be that’s d reason why I loose every now and then a friend,
As I just cant remain attached to them like the name of a brand.
I always try to make them realize the mistake that they make,
But most times people misunderstood my care & consider it fake.
Till sometimes ago to me these things never matter,
As I always used to think that coming future will be better.
But when I see such people surrounded by many friends,
Who even didn’t give their friends a damn thought,
And as I am too a human so now it hurts me a lot..
So I always want to change myself,
As I am not happy with What I Am.

Sometimes I try to change myself with this moving generation,
But didn’t get success anytime as these activities do my heart penetration.
The person inside me never allows me to do all that,
As I am not one who didn’t miss any chance of hitting six from his bat.
So finally I decided not to think more of these blunders,
As I have understood that my life can never come out of these thunders.
It’s clear to me now that no matter what anyone say or write in my testimony,
But however strong I try, happiness is never my destiny.
So without expecting anything from anyone now, I am moving forward,
No matter how much trouble I get from life,but I’ll never show my back like a coward
Now I really don’t know that I want to change myself or not
But one thing is clear that I am not happy with what I am.
I am not happy with what I am
With what I am


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