Saturday, June 11, 2011

Random feelings 2

Yuhin apni zindagi se nikal faikna tha
Toh zindagi mein aake jeena kyun sikhaya
Kam se kam humen ye shikwa to ni hoti
Ki hamara bi koi apna tha


If you have to throw me out of your life like this
Then why you make me realize what life is
At least i don't have a pain that
I too have someone who is mine


Sonshu said...

This is a heartfelt one but feels rather incomplete if i may critique it and say. It feels like its been left 'aadha' if you know what i mean!

The Aspirant said...

i dunno why u felt like dat, coz i think its complete in every u elaborate how it is "aadha"

Sh@s said...

Thank fate that you experienced it otherwise how you would have known the agony of it. Every experience good or bad teaches us something. Accept all that comes that your way.

The Aspirant said...

yeah may b u r ryt.....accepting evrything is what makes life better...
thanx fr dis new insight


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