Friday, December 24, 2010

Still Searching....

I wanna hate, but i can't
I wanna love, but i can't
I wanna trust, but i can't
I wanna betray, but i can't
I wanna win, but i can't
I wanna loose, but i can't
I still wanna live, but i can't
i wanna give up and die, but i can't

Coz fate's never been on my side and never allows me to get what i want
That's why i am a loner still searching for many answers !!

P.S: Merry Christmas to all of my readers......

Friday, December 17, 2010

Something Silly

I can't think of any other better name for it, coz its really silly to write letter to santa at this age .Infact i haven't written any letter to santa at all......But this time coz its a challenge sort of thing by a kiddo, sonshu so m taking it....

So here is my wishlist that i would want to get fulfilled:

1. My mom's good health(if only this too get fulfilled i don't care for any other wish)

2. An AUDI A4

3. A lappy with the config i have in mind

4. As i am too confused abt wad to do to become what i want, i want a "Map sort of thing" that can only tell me from where i have to start (i don't want to reach their directly as it mars its enjoyment i just want someone to show me the path)

5. Got rid of a bad habit ( :P habit can't b disclosed)

6. A private gym with a trainer

7. An invisible cloak (that would really be awesome to have)

Dat's all for now.......lets see if any of them gets fulfilled....

P.S: I am just waiting to see is first time letters ever answered?


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