Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can't Escape Changes Anymore

That's it now
It's been a long time now, indeed a very long time
That i am escaping the changes that are coming my way
I was always a believer who believes in being himself
But i don't think i will be able to keep this faith any longer
Many a times i had survived the edges and rise
But this time i wanna dive deep into the darkness
And never return
It's just a new person that's going to arise now
The person i have kept chained for years
But when faith breaks, chains got loosened
And eventually led to break down

P.S: I never wanna go this fucking way but i think accepting this naked truth is the only choice i am left with

P.P.S: I am really offended for using this "f" word but i can't keep it off my writing anymore.Those who can't withstand please i am really helpless now.


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