Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Gal So Different.........

Don’t know from where I get the exact idea of writing it, but just know that I have at least something to write on it……….and that’s why I am here. Actually I am writing here imagining a gal .who is quite, no, totally different from girls around us………

She’s a mystery. Yes, a mystery for solving which you has to spend your whole life if you try it in the way you do with other girls. But it would only take a few hours, to know all about her if you are her best friend and you can chat for long hours with her.

So much honest and truthful to you she is.

She’s egoistic and short-tempered.

Truly she’s so egoistic that you don’t talk to her for just one day and she will not talk to you for a week, and even after that she will talk to you if you have asked for sorry for a good number of times. Also, she will kill you if you hide something from her or said anything wrong. She will scold you for wrong things you have done and even shed a lot of tears if anything happens to you, even if you get a bruise.

So much caring and loving she is.

She’s quite clever and funny.

Of course she’s very clever. She just gets a hint of anything and she will get that thing out of you. You can’t hide anything from her, if she gets a hint; your secret is no more a secret. She can make you laugh with crazy and stupid activities all day long. But if you are in a problem, she might not give a solution but will always be there with you to make u feel, that you are not alone.

Such a kind-hearted gal she is.

She’s very intelligent and quick-witted.

Yeah, she scores good marks in studies. Knows when she should enjoy and when she should leave everything and just study. She also knows how to talk with strangers and how with friends. She knows how to react to any circumstance, how much tough the situation is. But, when it comes to her friends, she just blindly trusts them. She tells them just everything, even those things which no one else knows. Just don’t think that she can be used or fell in trouble because of that…………Whatever her friend’s told her, become

Words from heaven for her. She gets hurt because of it, many a times, but still she’s like that only.

Such innocent that girl is and also a great fool.

She makes you laugh; makes you cry, and make you feel her presence even if she’s not around. She care for you, scold you, get angry from you, shout on you and even feel sorry for you, but everything she does is for u.

You can find the qualities written in every paragraph’s starting in every gal but the qualities at end are found rarely, very rarely.

I have never found a girl like her but if you find one then do tell me………….


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