Saturday, January 3, 2009

What Is More Painful ??

The topic on which I am writing my views is not one which is in my mind. One day my friend sends me a message and that reads like it:
“What is more painful..??
When a person whom you trusted hurts you, or the person whom you hurted still trust you….!
Think about it??

I got this message during my semester exams, but still this topic is revolving anywhere in my mind .So I have tried to give my best thought to it.

I think before going directly to topic we should describe a little bit about trust.
TRUST – this is a word that according to me is the backbone of every relation, I mean friendship, love, family relation, etc. Every relation is strong and can survive any condition if that relation has trust as the foundation stone of it. So this word has great meaning of our life. It is not that we trust every person which comes in our life and neither we should as in that case it can be misused .And this trust grows when other person puts his/her trust on you. Trust is an inherent property of a person which is most of times not in our control .I mean many times in your life you might have trusted someone without any strong reason behind it, because at those times something from inside forces us to do so.
And that’s the reason why we get hurt because those inside voices are not always right. I am not saying that they are always wrong but my friends not always right also. But as we are humans so we can’t ignore those voices and thus we get backstabbed by the one on whom we put our trust many a times in our life, but this is called life experience.
When someone breaks your trust it’s really a painful situation. It’s not more painful then a broken heart but neither less than it. The person who faces it breaks in many pieces and start questioning himself:
Why that person enters my life?
Why I trust him?
But these questions mostly remain unanswered. And life goes on and victim’s wounds’ get filled by the medicine of time and he sooner or later forgets it.

But the other side of coin is still remaining. Our topics’ second face has not even touched.
What happened when you are on the other side of line?
I mean, What is the scenario when you are hurting someone by broking his/her trust? May be it can be intentional or non-intentional, may be it is the need of that time or not, Whatever the scenario is? .But fact will remain the same that you are hurting someone by doing so. Somewhere in your heart you feel the pain too, but that is a very small wound in comparison to that of victim’s one. But you know what, when that person still didn’t let his/her trust to lift from you, then that wound became an unhealable part of body and the pain that you will feel is just unbearable. The reason for this is that whenever your wound tries to heal with time, that person’s trust didn’t let it to happen as it keeps on reminding you what wrong you have done. The guilt feeling inside you increases every time you see that person still trusting you. So no matter how hard you try to forget that incident but the person’s face will always remain in front of you like a magical mirror that always keep on showing the darker side of you.
So I just want to say that broken trust is a life’s part and an unavoidable situation that is not in our hands but breaking someone’s trust is something that is under our control. The pain is in both conditions but the wound of broken trust heals slowly with time but of the second case will become an untreatable part that will keep on hurting you rest of your life.
So just try not to break anyone’s trust ever, although sometimes it’s really the need of time and at that time you can’t help it out but still we can try it as far as possible.
So with this hope I am moving again with the life expecting broken trust from others but not to break someone’s trust and hope same from you.



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