Monday, June 27, 2011

Random feelings 3

Har Gham To Hans Ke Seh Gaye Hum
Par Kahin Ye Akhiri Sazaa Na Ho
Zindagi Se Tab Mohabbat Na Ho Jaye
Jab Zindagi Bachi Na Ho


I bore every pain with a smile
But it mustn't be my last punishment
That I fell in love with my life
When it isn't much left


Anonymous said...

Random, but deep!!! I love the one in Hindi than the translation..the true depth of your words shine in the original!! Gr8 one..

The Aspirant said...

Thanx fr ur appreciation
Actually translation is fr persons who r nt well versed in hindi...

Sh@s said...

Beautiful lines. Live every moment to its fullest then life would seem endless even if there were only a couple of days left before the final breath.

The Aspirant said...

well yeah u hv said the right thing but sometimes things go the other way round...


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