Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life's Not Over YET !!!!

A long holiday from college give me ample time to think about things.....
Everything was seeming to fall apart, and things aren't under control still at this time...
But thin long gap has made me realize that may be giving up isn't the only choice i have
Yeah, it's the most easy one at this time though
But keep moving is another alternative
May be still i am afraid of failures that might follow me in future
And past is haunting me again with full power
Still somewhere i have gained strength to stand
Until i am tormented in pieces by all pressures

So i am going to try till my last breath
Until my life's over
And if i am back here, then
Life's not over yet.....

P.S: i am back on blogger,still not regularly though, but i feel that's the place i can't ignore in my life...


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