Monday, August 17, 2009


Lamha Lamha Yuhin Gujar Jaayega

Zindagi Ka Safar Chalta Jaayega

Kabhi Hansayega, Kabhi Rulayega

Kabhi Gham ,Toh Kabhi Khushi De Jaayega

Kisi Ko Door Le Jaayega, Kisi Ko Pass Le Aayega

Har Din Ek Nayi Raah Se Mulaqaat Karayega

Raah Mein Kaanten Na Ho Aisa To Nahin ho Paayega

Par Un Kaanton ke Zakhmon Par Marhan Lagane Waala Bhi Koi Aayega

Wo Zakhm Bharenge Ya Nahin Ye To Aane Waala Waqt Hi Batayega

Par Hum Akele Nahin Hain Jahan Mein, Is Baat Ka Yakeen Ho Jaayega

Kal Kya Hoga Is Baat Ka Darr To hamesha Hi Satayega

Par Is Pal Mein Jee Le Mere Dost, Kyunki Ye Pal Khud Ko Dobara Nahin Dohrayega

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tears Of A Lover

Hi babe

Well we both know whatever is going on in our relationship. Though from this long relation I got millions of memories which are enough for me for my whole life and that is the reason even after knowing all your unfaithfulness I am with you coz I just can’t imagine to live without you. You too know that I know everything still you never seem to see that this is killing me every day…..every minute ……and every second. Still I am ready to bear this slow death for your sake coz I just can’t let you go.

But now I am fed up of this slow poison that I am drinking everyday. I don’t understand why you never think that I am the right person, why you always try to hurt me in one way or the other. I don’t know why you can never see my love for you or just that no one else can love you more than me.

But all this have no meaning now. I just want you to know that all this is over now. I don’t want to pile on and this I request you to let me free of this bondages. Instead of these small scars just take a knife and stab me right in the center of my heart. Stab me now for heaven’s sake so that I can be free from all pain coz if I stay more, then I will only fall in the deep valley of pain and sorrows.

You always say you care for me, for that care’s sake cut my throat and let all my love for you that is in my blood to flow from my body so that my soul is not indebted with any pain. I can’t kill myself coz my heart still beats for you and it will never let me part from you but my mind knows that there’s no better way of ending this. My life starts with you and that’s why I want to end it in your arms only, so come on babe ……please don’t hesitate. Coz it’s just similar to giving those scars that you have imprinted on me many times. Just the difference is that it will be a final one.

It would just act as a healing touch for the wounds on my soul……..

Hope you will not disappoint me this time

Your lover

Voices Of My Heart - Part 1

Bhatke Hue Raahi Ko , Koi na Koi raah dikha hi deta hai
Gham mohabbat ka ho ya dosti ka, shayari sikha hi deta hai...........

Kisi ne humen dil se awaz di aur woh hum tak na pahunche
Aisa ho nahin sakta,
Hamarey doston tak hamara har raaz na pahunche
Aisa ho nahin sakta,
Unki dosti ka har lamha is tarah dil mein basa hai
Ki hazaron dard milney par bhi hum us dosti ko bhula den
Aisa ho nahin sakta.....................

Is naseeb ki baat na karo, isney bahut zakhm diye hain
Hamari raahon par kaante, nahin isney kam diye hain
Fir bhi issey ladtey nahin
Fir bhi issey kuch kehtey nahin
Kyunki isi naseeb ne hi to aap jaisey humsafar diye hain.........

Unse milkar is Dil ko yakeen hua ki sacchey dost bhi hotey hain
Is dhoop se jhulasti zindagi mein kuch pal chaon ke bhi hotey hain
Par jab wo bhi hamara saath chod gaye
To is dil ko kaise samjhayen, ki zindagi mein ye pal bhi aam hotey hain..........


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