Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Vritika is in a great mood today. She has been promoted to a higher post and has bagged a handsome salary hike. One other reason for her smiling face being her parents’ accepting her idea of meeting her love’s parents’. Everything was going just perfect for her.
At day's end, as usual she opens up gmail, to share this information with all her friends.
As soon as the gmail popped up in front of her eyes, her smile gets a little faded coz the first mail in her inbox was an e-card from her ex-best friend Prasoon.

They both have been best friends till graduation but as a little mis-understanding always proved fatal for any relationship, same proves here breaking that strong bond. Prasoon had tried many times to persuade her to listen him, but he can’t succeed.
With time things become a little better and they decided to remain casual friends.Thus, now they exchange "hellos" and a little "how are you" stuff only ….

She calmed herself & her finger banged on the delete button,as she don’t wanna spoil her mood today……


Vratika was sitting idle on her lappy and she realized that she hadn’t received any scraps from Prasoon from last many days, further looking in sb makes her aware that he hasn’t been in touch from last 2-3 months…..she faintly remember a day, when she was busy in a meeting arnd 20 days back ,she got a call from him but she cant accept it and then she forget about that ,coz she's too busy with her own life. Her heart was little worried and started pouncing.She quickly opened gmail & went to delete mails folder and hesitatingly opened that old e-card……..

It’s a beautiful card showing some beautiful moments between two friends and in last saying “Bye Forever”. She was shocked and confused,simultaneously…..and her mouth uttered “what th hell is that”.
Then her eyes gazed at the personal message beyond th card, but she can’t stop cursing herself after reading that:

If you get this e-card, it means I am no more in this world…….I know may be you take it as a joke from my side, but this time its true…..so much true that even after so desperately wanting to be with you right now and laugh at these words........I can not……..
Well, I got an injury last year and that will exaggerate to the extent that it will devoid me of my life, I haven’t ever imagined that. Finally, I am flowing to America for my last surgery in which my chances of returning are very less.So I used this card to tell you my ought to be last words that I can’t say directly.
I miss you a lot dear….really , I can’t tell how I am leading my life without my best friend by my side.I miss sharing all those stupid secrets and the small fights that occur almost daily and those college bunks and consoling you when you feel low after scoring badly and that dish that you once cooked all by yourself and................ huhhhh, there's so much of those sweet memories.

You know what trouble me most is that all this came to an end just coz you started loving me and I can’t accept you more than as a best friend and you started thinking that I just used you. I can’t even think in that way ever ……But you never geve me.a chance to explain all this to you.I just wish I can see you & talk with you one last time before leaving, but it seems quite an impossible task but still I will call you for sure before going to the OT ,may be you pick up this time. So that's all crap i wanna utter before you, hope i can see this letter again and laugh at it sitting next to you.Lastly, i would like to say these:
No matter wherever i go
I will always remain by your side
If life remains, then as a supporting shoulder
And if not,then as the wind, that around you glide.

I wish you get all the success & happiness in life .

With all the world’s happiness and regards
Your so called best friend

She got wet in the rainfall of her own tears and sadness, but all that remorse can't undone the things.All possible may be's come in her mind, but she can't get positive result of any of them...........Now, she was left with only memories of him.Prasoon always say : "Friendship between a guy and a gal is a blessing, unless it turns to an one sided love", she always take it as a joke but understand it's meaning now, at a time when it no longer matters.


Zave said...

Amazing write friend.
You posted after a long time, and well it was a real tear jerker!
Loved the pain in the words.
I was thinking, why don't you write more often?

The Aspirant said...

Thanx fr liking it buddy
actually my semesters r just 20 daz ahead so quite bsy nwadaz......bt vl b a lil more rgular aftr dat....
cheers :)

Americanising Desi said...

you ve blogged after an eternity i believe :)

hope all is well!

your words are always something i look forward to over at my blog! and here too you have managed to sweep me off in the flow of it!

quite slippery i must say and inspiring for relationships!

The Aspirant said...

yeah all is well,actually my xams nd all dat, din't allow me to blog on a regular basis...weneva i get tym i write....

well,thanx dat u feel dis post ispiring for relationships.....

cheers :)

naman said...

a post after long time.........but you showed that it takes time to produce a gem....

Short Poems said...

Great post, have fun writing :)
You have really nice blog!

The Aspirant said...

thanx dude....

The Aspirant said...

@short poems
m glad dat u liked my wrk..


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