Saturday, February 6, 2010

Loneliness Doesn't Haunt Me Anymore

Locked inside a dark room

My nerves were down

My eyes filled with fear

My face seems pale

Was looking around the dark room

With lost hopes

And shattered dreams

Loneliness haunts me

Suddenly the door opened

Some light blinded my eyes

Beneath the light was a girl

To me she seems like snow white

She clinched my hand

And bring me to outer world

To my surprise

It dusn’t seem so worse

Lyf has changed completely

In an instant of time

Sorrows get replaced by happiness

And tears with smile

To me it’s a new beginning

With a new hope and thinking

My world seems blessed

With a friend like that

The sun sets again

And snatched light from my life too

The person who give me light

Left me alone in that dark night

I tried to figure out the things

But all goes in vain

As my life again proves to me

That its all about losses more than gain

Tired and broken I came back

Thinking of the reasons

That gave me this setback

The light turned off

The room gets bolted

I was sitting on the floor like before I did

My eyes were glittering

My face was strong

No more sorrows

No more pain


Loneliness doesn’t haunt me anymore


Satyu said...

Its beautiful yaar :)
I love it :)

The Aspirant said...

well thanx for ur comment......atleast some1 is regular visitor here :P
i hv really gud plans for further posts dis month.....

Shas said...

If one can find the light within then no matter how dark is the darkness outside it hardly matters. Well-composed.

The Aspirant said...

yeah i agree with you, but sumtyms we need someone to make dat light give a spark......

Anonymous said...

That was such a nice post!

The Aspirant said...

Thanx :)

Shruti said...

Hi, Something is waiting for you.
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The Aspirant said...

thanx for dose awards yaar......:)

Sweetness said...

Going through different blogs, I came across yours.. Read this post and seemed pretty pained by it.. All I can say is that all of us go through this phase, and, no matter how difficult it seems, I'm sure you will surface from this rut as a stronger person.

The Aspirant said...

yeah i am well aware of d fact, but its really hard to accept things sometimes...
though yeah i am a stronger person nw, bt still often past try to haunt me..
it vl take much tym to let d past go out of memories....

well, thanx for dropping by here
hope 2 cya again...

cheers :)

naman said...

very well written bro.....keep it up.....

The Aspirant said...

Thanx brother.... :)


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