Friday, July 24, 2009

Mystery Of Love And Lyf

(Vishal’s Room) (11 AM)

It was a very nervous day for all 4th year students. Coz next day they were having interview with a big multi-national company IBM for On-campus placements. Vishal & his batch mates were in his room and discussing all this. Sameer, his roommate, entered the room with two passes in his hand, “Guess what I have got? Vishal said,” No! Don’t tell that you have got them this time. This all is a waste of time only. Mind my words.” Actually, Sameer finally got passes for famous Tarot Card Reader, Madam Maya, for which he was trying from last 2 months. He wants to know that will they make it to placements or not. Vishal didn’t believe in all these things so he was least interested but with friends you sometimes left with no choice. In evening, they both went to Madam Maya’s place. After she told Sameer about his future, Vishal went inside.

Maya: “Hello! Vishal. I know you came here just coz of your friend.”

Vishal:”How do you now this. Oh yes! Sameer has told you.”

Maya: “You know he didn’t tell me anything. I know this, but I too know that you will never believe me.”

Vishal: “If you know then just tell me about tomorrow placements and let me go.”(In a calm voice)

Maya: “You will definitely get it.Coz No one else deserves better place then you.”

Vishal: “Okay! Thanks! I should leave now”. (In a rude manner)

Maya: “Are you sure you don’t want to ask anything more.”

Vishal: “No. I am not interested in knowing my future.”(In a straight voice)

Maya: “Not if it’s related to your past. Specifically, your love” (In a strange voice)

Vishal: “How do you know about it? What about it? “(In an angry but low voice)

Maya: “Love will again come in your life in next 2 years, but the cycle of past will repeat itself in a reverse way” (in a suspicious voice)

Vishal: “What do you mean by that? “(In a doubted voice)

Maya: “You have to find it yourself. You can leave now. “(In a calm voice)

Vishal have no other option but to leave but her words keep echoing in his mind. He told Sameer only about placements not what else Maya has told him.


(Vishal’s Room) (2 AM)

Sameer was sleeping peacefully, while Vishal was still awake. He was sitting on his bed and switching table-lamp button on-off-on-off. (Tak-tick-tak-tick). He was in his past 2 years back:

(College Auditorium)

Vishal was in second year at that time. They have organized a Fresher’s Party for first year students of their college. It was a great night full of masti and bash.

Vishal and Shweta were dancing on the dance floor.

Shweta was Vishal’s beloved. They were friends from 10th class but in college came closer and become lovers. They love each other very much; just Shweta is quite much possessive.

They were dancing beautifully. The song stopped and Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher were chosen. Ruchi was chosen as Miss Fresher and Himanshu as Mr. Fresher. They get a chance to dance with second year students who were chosen Mr. & Miss Fresher in their first year. But that’s the biggest problem for Vishal. Coz he was Mr. Fresher last year and he has to dance with Ruchi now. But he can see Shweta’s angry face. Ruchi came to Vishal and they both dance. Vishal’s eyes were on Shweta only, whose eyes were burning like volcano. Finally, she took her bag and left the party. Vishal too ran behind her. She moves outside the college. Vishal was running from behind and shouting, “Hey wait.”

Finally he grabbed her and said, “Hey. What happened? Why you came out like that?” (Grasping back for his breath)

Shweta: “Why do you care? You go and dance with her. “(In an angry voice)

Vishal: “Hey yaar. You are making it a big issue. It’s just a dance.” (In a straight voice)

Shweta: “Yeah! I have seen that. How much closer you are to her. Go, she will be waiting for you.” (She’s getting heated up and started moving)

Vishal: “Ok Ok I am sorry. You know I Love You Only.”

Shweta: “I don’t care” (furiously)

She was crossing the road, while Vishal said: “I will die without you”

Shweta turned and said:” I will too”

Suddenly, a truck at high speed came and ………….

Only Vishal’s scream was heard: “Shwetaaaaa”.

Vishal get back in time and tears were flowing from his eyes. Only the words “Cycle of past will repeat itself” were still troubling him.

Next day Vishal get the best post as predicted by Madam Maya. Sameer too get a job but in a different city.


(2 years later)(IBM’s Office)(9:30 AM)

Vishal was working on his project when a voice came, “Good morning Vishal”.

Vishal look up with a smile and said,” Good morning to you too Aakriti.”

Aakriti was Vishal’s project partner from last 2 years. This is their fifth project together and they are the best team. She was the only close friend of Vishal, as they used to spend much time together because of project, so they share many things of their life including about Shweta. Aakriti loves Vishal very much but never expressed coz she fear that she can loose a friend.

Aakriti: “So today too you stay here whole night. What is this yaar? You will get your health affected…” (In a concerned voice)

Vishal: “Yeah Yeah. I know that. But this is just going to complete now and after that I am free. Now you will give me lecture only or help me too in finishing it.”

They both completed the project and for their great work they are getting a promotion as well as their boss organized a party in their honour, the following night.


(Hotel Radisson) (9 PM)

Everybody was congratulating Vishal and Aakriti for their brilliant work. Vishal was looking very happy.Aakriti thought that may be it’s the right time to tell Vishal her feelings Aakriti forced him to dance with her, he was not interested but he has to.

While they were dancing, Aakriti came closer to him, put her head on his shoulder and said: “I Love You”. Vishal was taken aback. He was shocked hearing that words and he left the dance floor and sit on his table

Aakriti came and said: “I know you can’t forget your past. But you can’t spend life alone too. I really love you a lot from past 1 year but can never tell u as I fear I might loose you. “

Vishal was not hearing anything; Madam Maya’s words make his way back in his mind “Cycle of Past Will Repeat Itself”. Though, he too has little feelings for her But he don’t want to loose her friend too. He knows what she’s saying is right, but he just can’t ignore those words.

Aakriti: “Vishal! Vishal! Please say something…”

Vishal: “I have never thought about it. Sorry I think I am not the right guy for you.”(In a low voice)

Aakriti: “You are perfect for me. I love you the way you are. I just want to spend…..”

Vishal (interrupting her): “No I can’t do that. I love Shweta only and will do it my whole life. I can’t love anyone else ever” (in a high voice)

Aakriti: “Okay. Why you never care for my feelings? You love hurting yourself na by doing this but every time you get hurt, I too cry. Do whatever you want.”

With tears in her eyes, she left the party, Vishal went back behind her.

Vishal: “Aakriti please listen. I don’t want to loose a friend like you.”

Aakriti keep on moving on road without listening.

Vishal: “Plz Yaar I can’t afford to loose you.”

Aakriti turned back and said, “Neither will I…”

The past was repeating itself just as it was, Vishal know what was going to happen. He was looking around and just saw a speeding car coming towards her, Vishal ran towards her and……….

Only one scream was heard, “Vishaaalll….”

Vishal save her but he can’t save himself. He was crushed to death by that car.

Madam Maya’s words were not untrue. Just Vishal can’t understand them. He never gives focus on what she actually said. He focused on words “Cycle of past will repeat itself”

But forget that she said: “Cycle of past will repeat itself in a REVERSE WAY”.

Sometimes life play mysterious games in which we can never ever think of winning.

(P.S: Possessiveness is a good thing, but much of it becomes harmful many a times. Do believe your love or friends always coz sometimes it leads to great troubles & casualties.)

(P.P.S: Don’t believe on anyone’s word but if believe then hear then and understand them properly, coz incomplete knowledge is quite harmful)

(P.P.P.S: Mere Dost Kisi Se Mohabbat Na Karna

Mohabbat Karo Toh Poora Bharosa Karna

Kyunki Jab Jab Mohabbat Se Kisi Ka Bharosa Utha Hai

Tab Tab Kisi Na Kisi Aashiq Ka Janaza Saja hai…………….)


~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

wow.. did u really write this? Its really good.

But I disagree with the couplet in the end because one can't stop living due to bad expereinces from the past. Life goes on no matter what aur samajhdari isi main hai keh insaan apni ghaltiyon say seekhay aur aagay barhay :)

The Aspirant said...

@Jal Pari
Thanx my frnd fr dropping at my blog....
yea i hv written it myself,nd m pleased u lyk it.
Nd yea u hv full ryt to disagree, but i hv written wad i feel....
do read another on my blog if u lyk it......


Anumeha said...

well!...@ jalpari..
disagree...u dont intentionally stick to something...its simply dat u cant escape it...u can move on in lyf...."but we all have one r compromises"....
@ prakkhar...
nice one yaar.....!

The Aspirant said...

Thanx yaar.
I am glad dat u lyk it.....

Deepika Gupta said...

I am speechless.... I had similar feeling when i watched the movie "If only"
How it feels like to lose to the one you are miserably in love with
Very beautiful! I wish I could write fiction too... :(

The Aspirant said...

Thanx a lot my friend
Well, i dunt think u cn know u cn write fiction or not unless u try, so give it a try.....

maddy said...

wooowww...jus too gud..yar
itss really very gud..

The Aspirant said...

@rahul aka maddy
i am pleased yaar dat u lyk it.....


Deepankar said...

g8 buddy.... simply outstanding story...
real heart touching

The Aspirant said...

thanx bro

Anonymous said...

it is awesome, so touchy, the tears just rolled down from my eyes.

Anonymous said...

if a person is too possessive the other shud understand and behave accordingly...rite?


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