Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can't Escape Changes Anymore

That's it now
It's been a long time now, indeed a very long time
That i am escaping the changes that are coming my way
I was always a believer who believes in being himself
But i don't think i will be able to keep this faith any longer
Many a times i had survived the edges and rise
But this time i wanna dive deep into the darkness
And never return
It's just a new person that's going to arise now
The person i have kept chained for years
But when faith breaks, chains got loosened
And eventually led to break down

P.S: I never wanna go this fucking way but i think accepting this naked truth is the only choice i am left with

P.P.S: I am really offended for using this "f" word but i can't keep it off my writing anymore.Those who can't withstand please i am really helpless now.


Sonshu said...

But i don't think i won't be able to keep this faith any longer now

Pointing out a correction : Its I dont think i *WILL* be able to....

Actually there are many grammatical errors but its only natural when there's frustration so...

Take careeee. whatever it is, hope you feel better! :)

Do chk out my blog if your free :) cya soon

Sh@s said...

Not at all offended, if it helps one to let out ones frustration then its good. Just hang on. Destiny throws us from one situation to another testing our limits, it happens so that we emerge more stronger even if we feel that we are splitting deep inside. Do not worry about the changes just welcome them. Unchain yourself and let go of things and it may just surprise you. My words may seem illogical but just give it a try.
Take care!

anushree said...

well yes there are a few grammatical mistakes..but as far as they are able to deliver the emotion,never mind..
keep writing!!

The Aspirant said...

actually this was written in d original mood, so mistakes r obvius bt it still conveya wad i mean....
thanx fr dropping by

cheers :)

The Aspirant said...

i'm really wrking on ur advice nwadaz with a faith that it will help...


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