Friday, August 20, 2010

Behind That Smile


A very pretty thing

People say that it can ease all your problems

But is it does so actually?

At least never does for me

I always bear a smile on my face

No matter what’s happening

But it don’t part from my face

That led people to think in different ways about me

Some think that I am cool….

Some others think I have no tension

Others have a view that I have become too casual

Some even say that I am too arrogant and egoist


No one ever knows that this is just a portrait smile

No one has noticed that it’s just of the fixed size always

Coz it just hide all that’s beneath it

All agony, pain, frustration, disappointments

Just everything

And I don’t have a single person who can see it

I have broken many times in the past

But have stood up every time

But everything has a limit

I am no superhero who has infinite courage

I am too human

I too feel pain

I too feel helplessness

I too want someone’s shoulder to cry on

I want some one to tell me what should I do?

Where should I head now?

I am too exhausted to stand by myself again


Yeah my life’s full of this “BUT”

I am saying all this is vain

I know that

Coz there’s no one to hear

I know my fate would never be grateful to me

And this time I am just getting buried

With a faster pace

Yeah, but still with that smile on my face

That fixed portrait smile

So everyone can again make their own judgments

about me standing by my cascade

I just wish at least a single person ever know “who was I actually?”

But I think no one can ever read the real face

Behind that smile.

(P.S: Its one the random thoughts that going on in my mind right now........can't help putting it out.)


Zave said...

Putting up pretenses might prevent anyone from asking questions, but in the end we are sure to be surrounded by our own fake world.
Smiling for the sake of it is one of the worst outcome of pain and unhappiness.
I've been there, so I think I know this feeling very well.
You just expressed it vividly!

The Aspirant said...

absolutely right buddy, but still i feel may b sumtyms dat fake wrld is too essential fr us to prevent us frm breaking completely.....

Zave said...

Sorry my friend, but you have been tagged at I never got those cards!

Sh@s said...

Hope you are fine. Ya, even i feel the same at times. Most of the times we have to wear this fake smile coz we want to pretend that everything is fine and also to assure the ones we care for coz we don't want them to get upset n worried seeing our unsmiling faces.
But if you have best friends or anybody close with whom you can be yourself then it wouldn't turn out to be so frustrating and agonizing.

The Aspirant said...

well i agree with ya, but u knw sumtyms frnds too r helpless.....things becum so complicated dat its out of our hands.....

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

well it depends. sometimes smiles are genuine, at other times you just have to look hard enough to find out whats really there. And those who are worth it, always do.

Sonshu said...

Aaawww, i can understand! Sometimes pretense is very much necessary in this world! :(

The Aspirant said...

yeah i think u r ryt right, bt for dat too u need some some person who can decipher ur smile....

The Aspirant said...

yeah vry much difficult, nd at tyms wen u want sum1 to decipher it nd dat person dint even try..

Alcina said...

Hmm..first time got a true poem telling about the pain behind the smile..

Advices must'ev been poured on you so won't be doing it from my side..

Nice read..

The Aspirant said...

thanx.....advices r alwaz poured on ppl, bt sumtyms its jst dusn't suits at all..

cheers :)


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