Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Friendship - In Honour of Ma Best Friend Sush

So finally this year 2008 is bidding farewell.
In these last hours of this year, I really want to write something on a good topic,
I thought about many things on which I should write, and then I reminded that this year has given me friends only, not only friends but very good friends.
So I have decided to write on friendship only.

Friendship, that’s a great thing which every person wants in life from always, from the time the humans have started living. It is a great relation that a person can achieve in his/her life .With the modification and development of our society, its meaning keep on advancing but still the base remains the same.

Now talking about our generation .We are living in 21st century. Every person of today has become very much advanced. So they have changed the meaning of Friendship a lot. We always try to find a person or group of peers with whom we can just spent our time in a cozy and comfortable way. It can be a group of classmates in schools , college friends for college , group of colleagues in office , for net we have net friends, and for everywhere we by some means find someone. So we are with them and they are with us, as long as car of our life is moving on a smooth road. But as soon as some pit holes or obstructions starts coming on that road ,we find that our car is moving all alone, with no other car with us .At that time we think- Where all others are gone who are with us on smooth road ???
And we can’t find any answer and then we realize that actually we have not made any friends because as I think “Friends are never made but they are earned”.
Its not that friends, I mean true friends , we can never find ,but we have to do some work to find them and that’s why I always believe that friends are not made they are earned.

Many times people say that Best Friends, etc are all a useless thing, as these people have a belief that there is no need of any one like that. They say they have their family with whom they can share their every problem, so wads the need of a Best Friend???

First answer ma question:
Think all of the incidences of your life and then think:
Does u never have anything that u can’t even share with your parents???
Does u never feel the need of a person on whom u can trust just for everything???
Does u never think of a person who knows u better than you???
Does your heart never ask u to find a person whose shoulder u always get when your eyes become wet, no matter with happiness or sadness???
Does u never get caught in a situation from where u find infinite paths but not able to decide on which to walk???

I don’t know about u, but I always find positive answers of these questions.
So although our mind has developed, our society has became mean, but still we all need such a person on our life. Just the difference is that I ma accepting this fact and may be some of u will no accept it.
Second difference is that we all fear a lot to trust someone to that limit.
I am not at all saying that your fears are wrong. But my friends do u really think that without trusting anyone; u will get such a person. Think, the person sitting next to you in your college also wants such a person but he too has same fear. Then may be u both are with each other for 4 yrs but your that fear never lets u break such a thin line between two of u .Because my friend your trust on him will raise his trust on you.
I am not also saying that trust someone blindly, but my friend u can at least gave chance to other person. May be sometimes your trust will break and u have to face some adverse situations but my friend
“If u didn’t enter the pool because of fear of drowning, then will u ever be able to learn it .I don’t think so.”

Whatever I have said above is not just I have written, but I have faced every situation above, so I am saying all this from my personal experience.

So with this coming year 2009, I just wish that all of u should at least try to find a Best Friend, True Best Friend in your life, may be it will take sometime for you in finding him/her but believe me if u get him/her na, then your life will be floating like a bird flying in the sky.
At Last adding one very good message:
“Who is a friend??
I tell u:
Jo bin bulaye aaye,
Bewajah Sir Khaye,
Tum ek(1) kaho , wo chaar(4) sunaye,
Kabhi hansaye, kabhi rulaye,
Par hamesha saath nibhaye.

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Satyu said...

Congrats dear..for earnign such a true friend.
I agree with each and every point you said just now.
And yes..even I got my true friends :)

Nice post buddy

keep smiling :)


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